Monday, June 06, 2005

More Halo2 BULL

There are a lot of guys better then me. These are the guys that don't have a life. They never have a date, go dancing... or LIVE in any way.

They eat, sleep, and breathe Halo2... and they play it night-and-day... almost non-stop... 24-hours-a-day. And they are absolutely crazy. I've seen guys who've got a 27 or 28 ranking in "Team Slayer"... and these guys are legit. (I've also seen cheaters ranking at 50... but that's just a joke).

Anyway... these guys are so good they even get ME pissed-off when I'm playing. They definitely DO NOT put my skills to shame, that's for sure... but they're damn good -- there's no doubt about it.

But getting them to give you the time of day is impossible -- let along convincing them to teach you what they know.


Anonymous said...

Idiots that claim they can beat Halo 2 in 9 hours. Such crap.
We are stuck in Legendary at Cairo Station. Stuck at the point where you kill the two Grunts up on the walkway in Plasma Turrets. Probably stuck for 3 weeks now. No way to kill the Silver dual-weilding Elites. You can plant a plasma grenade on them and they keep coming at you.
Some walkthroughs claim the plasma pistol and various combinations will work.
How in the h#ll are you supposed to change weapons and get that close??? We've gotten down to about 3 at the end and we're either too far away... or whatever.
There is no way we'll get past this. There are no cheats which we wouldn't use anyway.
Has anyone else encountered this section and being stuck?

WARRIND1 said...
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WARRIND1 said...

Ok Cairo Station. Here we go. You're at the HARDEST PART of legendary. The simplest thing I can tell you is to take your time. Patience is key. Don't get close to them. My personal favorite way of taking out the swords is plasma PISTOL and magnum. CHARGE THAT BABY UP by holding down on it. When it's good and green Letter rip. FOR BEGINNERS: you will need a rifle and your plasma pistol. use plasma pistol from a distance. Go around the first boxes. watch for grenades. charge up your plasma pistol in primary main hand... no secondary weapon. the plasma bolt will self home in on a target so peek around the box and fire. Get back, switch weapons and count 1.5 seconds. when you peek out the OTHER SIDE of the box you'll see who it hit. head shot that bastage with the rifle. REMEMBER COVENANT WILL SHOOT WHEREVER THEY SAW YOU LAST. Use this to your advantage. grunts can be hit without the plasma. stay behind the boxes till the firing around your head stops. Plasma grenades are useful if you arc them right. it takes practice. Hand your little brother a control and practice sticking him in vs mode. To answer your question, it took me about 2 days to get past that area the first time. There's a lotta guys in that room but it's the HARDEST ONE IN THE GAME on legendary. once past that CAKE WALK. My record for beating legendary all the way through is 4H 21min. Doing that 3 times in a row would be a little tough though. Chances are the ones that say they can beat it 3X in 9H are going once fully through and twice last level. Have fun and sorry you're having soo much trouble. Any other probs give me a send.

WARRIND1 said...

Added side note. More Covenant come once all the Grunts are taken out. that means if you take out the easy ones first you get a BOATLOAD OF ELITES ON YA. Just FYI. ;)