Monday, June 06, 2005

My first true comment Thanks Halo2 BULL

Idiots that claim they can beat Halo 2 in 9 hours. Such crap.
We are stuck in Legendary at Cairo Station. Stuck at the point where you kill the two Grunts up on the walkway in Plasma Turrets. Probably stuck for 3 weeks now. No way to kill the Silver dual-weilding Elites. You can plant a plasma grenade on them and they keep coming at you.
Some walkthroughs claim the plasma pistol and various combinations will work.
How in the h#ll are you supposed to change weapons and get that close??? We've gotten down to about 3 at the end and we're either too far away... or whatever.
There is no way we'll get past this. There are no cheats which we wouldn't use anyway.
Has anyone else encountered this section and being stuck?

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