Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Show Down

May 17, at E3, is going to be the day for the inevitable showdown among the three gaming platforms : Nintendo Revolution, Xbox2/Xenon, and Playstation 3. Rumors are circulating that Sony will try to jump the gun with an “official” unveiling the the third playstation some time before E3. With a new CEO and troubled times in the music hardware group, Sony is probably going to bet big on the Playstation 3 launch. In response, more rumors fly that Microsoft will somehow release Halo 3 on whatever day Sony chooses to put the Playstation 3 up for sale. Will these actions really matter? Will the prices for the consoles fall so quickly that the avid gamer will just buy both platforms, even if only for 1, or 2 games. So the platform makers take a loss on each platform, while the game market is split more evenly, such that big hits will be released EA-style, on both platforms (they usually release on multiple platforms, don’t they?). What difference will the platform make - is the video game industry about to become all about the games?

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