Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Halo 2" was it's graphics

First thing I noticed about "Halo 2" was it's graphics. Now, nothing much has changed in terms of design or looks, but the biggest improvement over the original "Halo" is cleanliness. After rapid playing periods of "Halo 2" the first thing I noticed was how much more clean the game looked. The visuals are easier to see and the game just looks better overall over the original "Halo." On top of all this the graphics of the game itself really kicks ass. The explosions look realistic, the blood splattering all over the bombed out walls of the buildings. It's just a great looking game, one of the best looking ones I've seen in a long time.
The cinematics of the game are also definetely improved, with lots of gunfire and explosions to fill the plate of all you action fans out there. Unlike the last game where I hit the A-Button to skip over the cinematic, I don't in this game because I'd hate to miss out on the eye-popping visuals.

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