Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Halo like Body Armour

The picture shows a concept uniform that boasts some impressive technology. The helmet is outfitted with 360 degree video feed. This is displayed onto the visor. All the services are voice activated. Real-time strategic maps can also be fed from headquarters. This would give soldiers real-time views of friendlies, enemies, terrain, buildings, etc. The wearer can also amplify certain atmospheric sounds while lowering others. Complete translation services are also housed in the audiological center. The body suit is as impressive as the helmet/visor. It houses thermal sensors that control and regulate body temperature. The soldier carries a respirator on his back that provides continuous fresh air, removing the need for a protective mask. If the helmet is off, or the visor is up, and the soldier encounters a harmful airborne agent, the body suit will detect it, release tiny capsules to counter it and inject treatment into the soldier’s body. From the waist down, the suit incorporates a technology called XO muscle. This allows a soldier to carry 2 to 3 times their body weight while only feeling their own. Future versions of the uniform may also include a liquid called shear thickening liquid. The liquid displays elastic, moveable qualities when moved in slow, normal rhythmic motions. But when sudden, extreme force is applied to the liquid it becomes extremely tense and unmoveable. This would allow frontal and back armor that is much stronger than Kevlar alone.

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