Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Halo2 Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is a beast! Let me put it another way: the Energy Sword pwns. If you know anything about the sword-carrying Elites in the HALO campaign, you know that one swipe with the blade can kill. In HALO2, there is just one sword spawn location per map, so finding a sword is rare. I have not found an instance where there are two Energy Swords in a standard slayer gametype. HALO2 seems as if it is smart enough to know how many Swords (just one) are on the map. If a dropped Sword goes untouched it disappears (like dead bodies do) and will eventually respawn. If the Energy Sword gets blown off or under a map, it will respawn at its spawning location.

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pownmaster said...

I will say that the energy sword is good, but it is cheap in multiplayer. If you dont know about the sword or even weapon respawns, you are a noob. Not every map has a sword, only a handful have one spawn standard. The oly real good thing about the sword is sword matches and using it to glitch online. It does pwn though, but it is cheap!