Friday, October 07, 2005

Halo2 Needler

The needler is nothing like the halo 2 eight minute video it was shown in.I suppose it was just too powerful at that VERY fast speed. And although youcan DW this gun and the speed of the needles has slightly been increased, Itis still not nearly as good as any of the other weapons laying around.There is only 2 valid approaches to using this weapon. 1.) Against totalnewbies who, will just stand, fire at you and not move. 2.) Shooting someonein the back. That is really the only way these weapons are useful. Even in aDual wielding situation, if someone moves out of the way of the needle just asit is about to hit him, generally it won't attach to him and do no damage.And because this gun relies HEAVILY on the fact it does more damage - the moreneedles are in before exploding, make this gun silly to use on pros. Maxdistance on needles is also around 100 Ft.On shielded opponents, if someone moves left to right, the needles WILLdeflect off of them. The needles will ALWAYS stick if the person has noshields left. But if they have no shields left, you can kill them quickerwith ANY other weapon, even the plasma pistol.So just keep that in mind. If someone is coming at you with needles and youstill have full shields, move. Most of the needles won't do anything.

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Anonymous said...

Needler is a good distractiom weapon as well, leaving your foes in a state of confusion when they don't know where its coming from.