Sunday, November 13, 2005

Halo 2 Pelican

Assualt on the Control Room, at the beginning, youll b able to see a door and grunts running in it. BEFORE YOU GET OUT, keep hitting "X" b/c u'll c it says "Press X to enter side-seat of Pelican" at the top. After it says that and you've hit it once, you can only hit it another 2 times max b/c u'll end up getting out. It doesnt really go too well b/c u'll eventually fall out after u start seeing green fog. it lasts for 45 sec though. Also possible in Silent Cartographer and 343 Guilty Spark. In Cart, play co-op, have one man stay in the pelican and the other clear the beach. Get the Warthog and have both people leave the pelican. When they start to take off, quickly drive up and jump in. Keep walking forward and you can stay in for long enough that the open water below will break your fall and you can get WAY further from the island than the Warthog will ever take you!

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Anonymous said...

i like the tip but i allso like to get the pelican on a difront map