Friday, December 30, 2005

Halo 2 Hunter Hints

Another pretty easy way to kill hunters:
All you Halo freaks out there will remember in Halo:PC & CE you could simply do a little stroll to the left then shoot the hunter it is orange spot to kill it. Well that tactic hasn't completely vanished. If you get your timing PERFECT then you can simply stroll to the side and fill the orange zone with lead (preferably, lead is better than plasma) sustain fire for a short while. After doing this 1-3 times the hunter will be dead. This is especially effective with a sniper rifle. DW Smgs or Magnums.
Alternate way to killing hunters:
Simply find a fixed turret, the human ones are best and give them a body full of it they will die INCREDIBLY fast. A good place to do this is near the beginning of "Outskirts".
When they are approaching (but not charging at you) you can simply fire a shot into their orange stomach and you will kill them with a shot each in easy.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sony Playstation

Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, has had a few things to say about the future of Playstation. With the PS3 launch scheduled for 2006, and Playstation 2 happily hitting the mass-market, Sony’s facing a divided year but Phil is confident about their prospects.
With more games, especially mass-market titles like SingStar and EyeToy, headed for the PS2, Sony are aiming for a wider demographic as the console matures further. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on whether the PS3 will face a simultaneous worldwide launch. A couple of interesting hand-picked statistics in the interview include the fact that the PSP beat the DS to 10 million units, and that the number of PS2 online users apparently outnumbers other consoles—“On a worldwide basis it is the most popular online console by virtue of the size of the installed base.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Xbox 360s are piling up in Japan

According to Enterbrain, the Xbox 360s are piling up in Japan. Less than 40% of the 159,000 Xbox 360s available were actually sold on the first two days of release; even the original Xbox managed to do better, with 123,000 units sold in its first three days. Despite the difference a day makes, it's clear the 360 isn't living up to Microsoft's hopes in the East at the moment.
The editor-in-chief of magazine "Famitsu Xbox 360" blamed the delay in Dead or Alive 4 for the slow start, so we may see numbers pick up once DoA hits the shelves.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Dreamcast Sega Direct

Sega’s not flapping their yapper so far as we can tell, but German gaming site is claiming they’re going to be re-releasing the frickin’ Dreamcast bundled with Radilgy and some limited edition telephone card or something. But our wish come true from the Ghost of Hackable Consoles Past will probably be Japan-only though, distributed through Sega Direct for ¥10,000 (about $83 US) — still, could this be the triumphant return of Sega hardware, even if only just nostalgia-gear? Apparently we’ll find out February 16th (or sooner).

Friday, December 09, 2005

Sony PS3 launch window

According to Reuters, the bigwigs at Sony have recently reaffirmed the PS3’s predicted launch window of spring 2006, despite numerous rumors and utterances to the contrary. Since Sony have yet to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and announce their intentions to engage in a simultaneous worldwide launch, we can assume that they’ll be shooting for the usual staggered release schedule of Japan first, everywhere else… meh, whenever.
Technically speaking, should Sony stay true to their word, Japan could be seeing the PS3 as early as March 21, though no later than the same time come June. Given that the PS2 took a little under eight months to make the transition across the Pacific, we can roughly estimate a North American PS3 launch window of early November 2006 to late January 2007.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Halo2 cheat skull

Cheat: Catch Skull
Level: Metropolis
Word: Catch
Effect: Allies throw alot of plasma grenades.
Right after you get out of the sewers(Tunnel), there is a big area and 2 ghosts, kill every thing first, then go to the middle of it where you see a arc that leads up onto a building, grenade jump by it to get enough height to start climbing it. When you get to the top take a left and hug the wall around the structure and the skull will be there.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Xbox 360 vs Sony PlayStation

Xbox 360 - The wait is over, and the next generation of gaming consoles are being made public with the announcement of the Sony PS3, the Nintendo Revolution, and the Xbox 360™. Celebrating the dawn of a new era in entertainment, million of game fanatics around the globe came together tonight for the televised unveiling of the Xbox 360™ future-generation game and entertainment system from Microsoft. An audience of million watched “MTV Presents: The Next-Generation Xbox Revealed” as celebrities, professional athletes, musician and Xbox officials took the wraps off the much-anticipated system, ending months of intelspeculation and satiating cosumers worldwide. The new Xbox 360 system places played at the center of powerful next-gen PlayStation 3:- PlayStation 3 - Sony has unveiled its new PlayStation , calling it 'a supercomputer for computer entertainment'. The PS3 is powered by NVIDIA's new RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' graphics chip providing 'movie quality' real-time gaming, and a powerful new 'Cell' processor, which Sony claims is 35 times faster than the chip idide the current PlayStation - and twice as fast as the one Microsoft's Xbox 360 next-gen console. According to the BBC, "The PS3 will use the Blu-ray disc format, which can hold 50 gigabytes of information - the equivalent of six DVDs. It will also have a small removable hard drive, though Sony did not say whether it would come as standard. The PlayStation will come ready to be hooked to the internet