Saturday, December 03, 2005

Xbox 360 vs Sony PlayStation

Xbox 360 - The wait is over, and the next generation of gaming consoles are being made public with the announcement of the Sony PS3, the Nintendo Revolution, and the Xbox 360™. Celebrating the dawn of a new era in entertainment, million of game fanatics around the globe came together tonight for the televised unveiling of the Xbox 360™ future-generation game and entertainment system from Microsoft. An audience of million watched “MTV Presents: The Next-Generation Xbox Revealed” as celebrities, professional athletes, musician and Xbox officials took the wraps off the much-anticipated system, ending months of intelspeculation and satiating cosumers worldwide. The new Xbox 360 system places played at the center of powerful next-gen PlayStation 3:- PlayStation 3 - Sony has unveiled its new PlayStation , calling it 'a supercomputer for computer entertainment'. The PS3 is powered by NVIDIA's new RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' graphics chip providing 'movie quality' real-time gaming, and a powerful new 'Cell' processor, which Sony claims is 35 times faster than the chip idide the current PlayStation - and twice as fast as the one Microsoft's Xbox 360 next-gen console. According to the BBC, "The PS3 will use the Blu-ray disc format, which can hold 50 gigabytes of information - the equivalent of six DVDs. It will also have a small removable hard drive, though Sony did not say whether it would come as standard. The PlayStation will come ready to be hooked to the internet

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shadow20002 said...

Yea, i'm still waiting for it.... :) I really hope that PS3 will the one tha truly change the way of gaming world.