Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mythical Halo 3

Next Generation: Let's talk about Halo 3. Where are we up to?
Shane Kim: I call it The Mythical Halo 3 - we haven't announced any such game yet! Obviously the Halo franchise is very important to us. When you have Bill Gates being quoted fairly constantly, talking about a game, you know it's important to the company. But his recent comments reflect the position accurately. Which is that, if there were a Halo 3 we would be careful about how we announce and introduce it.
It's exactly the same way we talked about Halo 2, where people wanted it a year after Halo. That would not have accomplished anything.
It depends. If it's the game that everyone is expecting then, yes. For us it's about making a proper impact on the platform. It has to be something with huge significance, so we won't be rushed.
I don't think that's fair. Everyone is looking for a Halo and a GTA, but we have to realize there are only two of those titles in history, and they weren't those big legends before they launched.
It is easy to look back and say 'nothing the size of Halo came out', but the launch titles were all solid good games and there was some amazing work.
I would put this portfolio up against the original Xbox launch portfolio any day. I don't see the fact that there wasn't one game that everyone wanted to buy as a criticism. The strength was in the variety.
If you look at the attach rate that speaks to the quality of the portfolio of the highest attach rate in history which is an indication of real quality.

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