Sunday, February 12, 2006

Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware for games

The first, not-so-surprising revelation is that the development kits do not look anything like the proposed PS3 hardware. Rather, they are contained in largish towers, similar in size to typical desktop PCs. This was the same for the early PS2 dev kits, and the first Xbox 360 development kits were actually re-branded Apple G5 towers, so this is not a huge surprise. More interesting is the fact that the sleek, curved PS3 models that have been demonstrated at various trade shows are actually empty shells, and it is not clear how Sony will manage to squeeze all the required components into the advertised case. Some developers have concluded that the existing case does not even have room for a 2.5 inch hard drive, suggesting that Sony will be forced to bump the dimensions of the box somewhat before release.
The controller on the dev kits is apparently a standard USB game pad, and developers are writing games with the assumption that the control scheme will remain unchanged from the PS2's Dual Shock configuration. The word is that Sony is changing the look of the controller after receiving massive negative feedback over their original "boomerang" concept design.

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