Sunday, March 26, 2006

iPods from stores other than iTunes

Apple has so far refused to comment on the bill or on analysts' suggestions that the Cupertino, California company might choose to withdraw from the French online music market rather than share the proprietary technology at the heart of its business model.
Under the bill, companies would be required to reveal the secrets of hitherto-exclusive copy-protection technologies such as Apple's FairPlay format and the ATRAC3 code used by Sony's Connect store and Walkman players.
That would permit consumers for the first time to download music directly to their iPods from stores other than iTunes, or to rival music players from iTunes France.
Apple has most to lose because of its phenomenal penetration of the digital music market, according to analysts. Critics of the French move say legislators have no business forcing Apple to share its proprietary format -- arguing that customers know its limitations when they choose to buy an iPod.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sony Online Entertainment PlayStation 3

Speaking about the PlayStation 3 at the special business briefing, Ken Kutaragi revealed the first details about the “PlayStation Network Platform”.
The competitor to Xbox Live is planned to launch along the console this November and is set to include all the features currently available on Xbox Live except for an XBLA-like offer.
Sony Computer Entertainment will run the service, which has been created with the help of Sony Online Entertainment.
At the same time, Sony will allow game publishers to connect to the network, which they promise will be more open to the Internet than Xbox Live.
PlayStation Network Platform features:
User registration
Login ID
Friends List
Voice and Video Chat
Score Ranking
Content download
Data upload-download
Online Shopping
Kutaragi mentioned that there will be a basic service that will be free but didn’t specify which of the above features will be included in the basic package.
Sony also revealed the schedule for PNP development tools. By the end of this month, Sony will deliver the first PNP Development SDK, with a second update planned for April. Then, by the end of June they plan to deliver all functions on the server side. Finally in July developer will be able to test all functions and a full production environment will be available in September.

Friday, March 10, 2006

President David Reeves PlayStation

Digging his heels in and refusing to let the rumor mangers have their way, SCEE president David Reeves last week reaffirmed Sony's 2006 PS3 plans, claiming that word from the PlayStation daddy himself, Ken Kutaragi, is that production is “on track.
There are so many rumours out there, but no-one really knows the facts,he told MCV at last weeks DevStation, a developer-only event put together by SCEE.
I do know whats going to be happening and I am honestly very, very confident about it. When asked by one studio worker about suggestions of a delayed Euro launch, Reeves answered: It is my job to match day and date with the US launch. I am doing my best to make that happen.But lips remain tightly sealed on prices and exact timings, and as the wait for firmer details goes on, Reeves said PS3 plans are constantly influenced by the demands of integrating new technology like Blu-Ray, while making sure both hardware and a decent array of software is available from day one.
And Reeves remains unconcerned by the head start Microsoft has with Xbox 360:I think most people that will buy the first million Xbox 360s in PAL territories are also going to buy a PS3. thats the type of people they are.
Once its up to about the million installed base thats when it's all going to start.

Friday, March 03, 2006

motion sensing technology Xbox 360 controllers

It looks like Microsoft likes the Revolution controllers too, as the company has registered patents for motion sensing technology which many assume will go into future Xbox 360 controllers (or even PC stuff):
Last week, a post on the flash-game and movie site sparked rumors that Sony was hard at work on a Revolution-style controller for the PlayStation 2, and now there's evidence that Microsoft is exploring similar technologies.
A little over a week ago, a US patent was granted to Microsoft for a new method of spatial measurement. Basically, the setup proposed in the patent application can track an object's path through 3D space using multiple-range cameras in a more accurate and consumer-friendly manner than has previously been available. The patent was originally applied for in August of 2004.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Superman Returns Xbox and Playstation 2

Gamers will be able to achieve superhero status thanks to a range of impressive new features in the latest Superman game to hit the Xbox and the PlayStation 2.
In 'Superman Returns: The Video game', you explore and protect the truly living city of Metropolis.
As the Man of Steel, you'll hone your unworldly super powers such as flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, super strength, super speed, and super breath to fight villains that only Superman can defeat.
In addition to this, 'Superman Returns: The Video game' allows players to control all of the hero's aerial twists and turns at speeds of more than 800mph. Or what is known in the industry as "faster than a speeding bullet".
'Superman Returns: The Video game' is set for release on the Xbox and Playstation 2 this coming June.