Friday, March 10, 2006

President David Reeves PlayStation

Digging his heels in and refusing to let the rumor mangers have their way, SCEE president David Reeves last week reaffirmed Sony's 2006 PS3 plans, claiming that word from the PlayStation daddy himself, Ken Kutaragi, is that production is “on track.
There are so many rumours out there, but no-one really knows the facts,he told MCV at last weeks DevStation, a developer-only event put together by SCEE.
I do know whats going to be happening and I am honestly very, very confident about it. When asked by one studio worker about suggestions of a delayed Euro launch, Reeves answered: It is my job to match day and date with the US launch. I am doing my best to make that happen.But lips remain tightly sealed on prices and exact timings, and as the wait for firmer details goes on, Reeves said PS3 plans are constantly influenced by the demands of integrating new technology like Blu-Ray, while making sure both hardware and a decent array of software is available from day one.
And Reeves remains unconcerned by the head start Microsoft has with Xbox 360:I think most people that will buy the first million Xbox 360s in PAL territories are also going to buy a PS3. thats the type of people they are.
Once its up to about the million installed base thats when it's all going to start.

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