Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sony Online Entertainment PlayStation 3

Speaking about the PlayStation 3 at the special business briefing, Ken Kutaragi revealed the first details about the “PlayStation Network Platform”.
The competitor to Xbox Live is planned to launch along the console this November and is set to include all the features currently available on Xbox Live except for an XBLA-like offer.
Sony Computer Entertainment will run the service, which has been created with the help of Sony Online Entertainment.
At the same time, Sony will allow game publishers to connect to the network, which they promise will be more open to the Internet than Xbox Live.
PlayStation Network Platform features:
User registration
Login ID
Friends List
Voice and Video Chat
Score Ranking
Content download
Data upload-download
Online Shopping
Kutaragi mentioned that there will be a basic service that will be free but didn’t specify which of the above features will be included in the basic package.
Sony also revealed the schedule for PNP development tools. By the end of this month, Sony will deliver the first PNP Development SDK, with a second update planned for April. Then, by the end of June they plan to deliver all functions on the server side. Finally in July developer will be able to test all functions and a full production environment will be available in September.

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Sitemaster15 said...

They Delayed The Release of PS3 Becuase of problems... Idk wut happend. We will see, thats all I know is that its going to be a longer w8 time.

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