Thursday, March 02, 2006

Superman Returns Xbox and Playstation 2

Gamers will be able to achieve superhero status thanks to a range of impressive new features in the latest Superman game to hit the Xbox and the PlayStation 2.
In 'Superman Returns: The Video game', you explore and protect the truly living city of Metropolis.
As the Man of Steel, you'll hone your unworldly super powers such as flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, super strength, super speed, and super breath to fight villains that only Superman can defeat.
In addition to this, 'Superman Returns: The Video game' allows players to control all of the hero's aerial twists and turns at speeds of more than 800mph. Or what is known in the industry as "faster than a speeding bullet".
'Superman Returns: The Video game' is set for release on the Xbox and Playstation 2 this coming June.

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