Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Halo2 Tournament Clovis, CA

New just released on Halo2 contest Level One in Clovis, CA to host 2nd Halo2 Tournament on May 5th-7th
Following the success of the first level one halo 2 tournament, we have planned a second tournament. The tournament will take place May 5th and 6th with a side 2v2 event on the 7th.
May 5th ( Friday ) will be the FFA which each team is required to have 1 player participate in for seeding purposes, there will also be a 1st-8th place prize for the FFA.
May 6th ( Saturday ) will be the main 4v4 event. Game types and maps will be simular to our previous event with a new gametype thrown in the mix, Neutral Bomb.
Entry fee for the tournament will be 21$ per player with an additional 8$ per team that will be placed in the FFA pool. Pot amount will depend on how many teams enter the tournament, if it fills up with 32 the pot will be close to 2000$ with 40% going to first place and 2nd-8th being paid out. On top of cash prizes sponsored prizes will also be given out.
Level One is a Members Only facility, so in order to participate in the tournament you MUST be a member, membership fee is 20$ per year.
Level One Halo2 Tournaments are played on the XBOX360 and 52" HDTVs.
For more information please call us at (559)-322-4111

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