Friday, July 07, 2006

PlayStation 3 vs XBOX 360

Most people in the industry are predicting a successful launch for the PlayStation 3, selling out across the world, but it's the period following the launch that is casting doubt over the long term success of the console. Priced substantially higher than the competition at a staggering $599 (£425), the relatively low priced Xbox 360, and expected low price point of the Wii could well leave Sony and the PS3 in tricky situation.
Sony chief executive Howard Stringer doesn't see the high price as a problem though, noting that "you're paying for potential," and that "if the PS3 lives up to its total potential, then I don't think anyone will be worried about Nintendo or Xbox's cheaper price."
Sony is claiming that it has another trump card for its PlayStation 3 when compared to the XBOX 360. Sony is committed to distributing games digitally through its E-Distribution Initiative including first-party games. "Our first party projects are all unique to PS3. Some of our games, by virtue of their design and hardware demands, simply couldn't work on Xbox 360," said SCEA Santa Monica director of external production John Hight. Microsoft's XBOX Live Arcade, on the other hand, has been mainly limited to third-party efforts and classic titles.
Whether Microsoft will feel compelled to respond with its own first-party efforts on XBOX Live Arcade remains a mystery.

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Laffy Taffy said...

Dude, PS3's only advantage is the controller. It is similar to(worse than, though)the WII in that it's movements correspond to the game(example:when driving you can use the controller as a steering wheel). But that is pretty much it. Xbox 360 has better games, probably better graphics, andd of course, Xbox Live. WII has Mario and the cool controller(which looks similar to a tv remote, whats up with that?).Xbox 360's Halo 3 will definitely make more money than the PS3 its opening day than the PS3's opening day(is it the same day, I'm not sure).Halo 3 will have off the charts selling records.Xbox 360 is by far the best(and it came out first/already has good games(call of duty 2, table tennis, fight night round three, etc.))Go Xbox 360!