Thursday, August 03, 2006

Atari support both Microsoft's XBOX 360 Nintendo's Wii

According to Atari, Sony hasn't been very forthcoming with details in regards to the PS3 so it can't get the games out there for launch. "It's just that we're lacking information about the PS3 at this stage, because we have basically a rough release date and a high retail price point," said Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell to
However, Atari explains that it will fully support both Microsoft's XBOX 360 and Nintendo's Wii this year. The company will have new titles on the market including Test Drive Unlimited for XBOX 360 and DBZ on the Wii. The company will also release Hot Pxl for Sony's PlayStation Portable. Bonnell echoed some of the sentiments expressed by Microsoft's Richard Teversham that many of our readers took issue with on Monday.
He feels that the PS3’s standard Blu-ray reader and full support for HD gaming will be enough to retain the hardcore gaming audience. "All this is driving me to think that Sony is picking up the high-end of the market, the hardcore, passionate fans. There will be a time they can reduce the price and access more people, but clearly that's a technical choice that Sony has made to be selective on the field at stage one

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