Friday, September 08, 2006

Game sales Xbox and Xbox 360

North America: 1. Madden NFL 07 (EA Sports), 2. Halo 2 (Microsoft), 3. NASCAR 07 (EA Sports), 4. Star Wars: Battlefront II (LucasArts), 5. LEGO Star Wars (Eidos Interactive).
Japan: 1. Phantom Dust (Microsoft), 2. Project Gotham Racing 2 (Microsoft), 3. Halo (Microsoft), 4. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Tecmo), 5. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Sega).
UK: 1. Cars (THQ), 2. Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (Ubisoft), 3. Halo Triple Pack (Microsoft), 4. Fable: The Lost Chapters (Microsoft), 5. Halo 2 (Microsoft).
Spurred by the upcoming release of LEGO Star Wars II, the Xbox sees increased sales for both Star Wars: Battlefront II and the original LEGO Star Wars. Few surprises are to be found in either Japan's or the UK's list, however, as easily recognizable names like Halo, Fable, and Dead or Alive continue to dominate in both regions.
Xbox 360
North America: 1. Saints Row (THQ), 2. Madden NFL 07 (EA Sports), 3. Test Drive: Unlimited (Atari), 4. Dead Rising (Capcom), 5. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Ubisoft).
Japan: 1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Ubisoft), 2. Senko no Ronde Rev. x (Sega), 3. Condemned: Psycho Crime (Sega), 4. Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft), 5. Call of Duty 2 (Konami).
UK: 1. Dead Rising (Capcom), 2. Saints Row (THQ), 3. Test Drive: Unlimited (Atari), 4. Enchanted Arms (Ubisoft), 5. Madden NFL 07 (EA Sports).
Saints Row, Dead Rising, and Test Drive: Unlimited are among the biggest titles the Xbox 360 has seen in recent memory, and all are strong performers in both the United States and in the UK. Japan, on the other hand, sees its biggest sellers in older titles like Perfect Dark Zero and Call of Duty 2

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