Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Halo 3 warthog

A super-deluxe killing machine, I tell you! Well ok, actually it's Bungie's latest weekly update that says so, referring to the smarter AI in Halo 3 - rather than the Warthog itself. Halo's trademark Hog may be going through some significant visual updates for the sequel, but it's the player's AI buddies who are turning it into a fine-tuned Covenant grinding machine, according to Bungie's webmaster Frankie.
He also drops another interesting tidbit about the AI, saying that beeping the Warthog's horn seems to bring any nearby Marine running and hopping straight into the gunner turret - although they will come based on suitability for the task at hand (more on that in a future update, he promises). In Halo 3, the AI gunner will also be more "persuadable" to pick a more relevant target, and have him stop trying to blast a lone grunt hiding behind a rock when a bigger menace approaches.

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