Friday, January 19, 2007

The MA5C Halo 3

"The MA5C is built like a brick outhouse with Venetian blinds. You can pound on a mike foxtrot with it like it was a sledgehammer," said one happy soldier, whilst another insisted that he trusts the weapon like he trusts his own arms.
One of the guns you'll be doing the killing with in Halo 3 is the MA5C assault rifle, according to the Bungie website, marking the return of the weapon-type after its exclusion from Halo 2.
The MA5C's power will be somewhere between the original game's MA5B assault rifle and the BR55 Battle Rifle from Halo 2. You can also use the heavy butt of the gun as a strong melee attack, but it has no alternate fire option.
To get into more specifics, the MA5C has a few improvements of the MA5B including “a heavier barrel with a 1 in 7 twist; a redesigned cowling to house the electronics suite that reduces weight and increase pointability of weapon; and a redesigned handguard which is sturdier and provides a more positive grip.” But for us gamers, that’s all cosmetic.
As far as the MA5C’s performance is concerned, the first thing you might notice is the 32 round magazine clip. The new rifle is a cross between the assault rifle and the battle rifle. This ups the overall power and accuracy of the weapon over the MA5B to counterbalance the smaller clip size. The most effective use of the weapon is short and controlled bursts to take down the target.

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