Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spike grenade Halo3

In the UNSC’s limited encounters with the spike grenade, we have learned much of its tactical applications both through contact with the Brutes and field tests of our own using discarded equipment. The quills of the spike grenade seem to be able to grip almost any surface upon which it’s been tested. This includes rock, glass and even some Covenant shield systems, unlike the plasma grenades which we have encountered before. The other feature unique to this grenade is its directional blast. Our researchers have discovered that the directional blast of the grenade is not designed to come out of one end or the other, but instead is relative to the surface against which it rests. If thrown against a perfectly flat wall, the grenade’s blast will disperse perpendicular to the wall.
Bungie also states that the grenades will be particularly effective on Snowbound, as the spike grenades stick to the shield doors on the map. The kill radius on the grenade is about 10ft., and the damage radius extends to 36ft. We leave you with a few of the anecdotes that Bungie had about the Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade.

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