Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live is growing faster than it had anticipated with the service now topping six million members worldwide. Microsoft pledged at E3 last year that it would double the Xbox Live subscribers base from three million to six by the end of June 2007, a target which it has reached four months ahead of schedule.
Details about Xbox sales
More than 10 million Xbox 360’s have hit stores across 37 countries since its launch in November 2005. The Xbox 360 software attach rate (games sold per console) is 4.6 in the US, while the accessory attach rate is 2.9 units per console.
Details about Xbox Live
More than six million people subscribing to Xbox Live have contributed to gamers spending over 2.3 billion hours on the network playing games online worldwide. This is equal to 95 million days of gaming or over 260 000 years since the launch of Xbox Live in November 2002. Halo 2 leads the way with 710 million hours of online game play, followed by Gears of War and Xbox Live Arcade title Hexic HD.
More than two million voice and text messages are sent between members on Xbox Live every day. The average Xbox Live Gold subscriber has 22 friends on their Xbox Live friends list. Xbox 360 owners have unlocked nearly 300 million achievements for a total Gamerscore of nearly 7.5 billion.

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