Monday, May 07, 2007

Halo 3

For all the deserved praise that Halo 2 receives, it was a rushed game, a fact made most obvious by the controversy over the abrupt ending. Bungie doesn't seem to be running into that issue with the third installment, however, a fact they've pointed out continually during their weekly updates. Last Friday was no different, as Frankie at Bungie decided to focus the spotlight on Halo 3's still-in-development cinematics.
With Halo 3, they have artists and designers who've worked on epic Hollywood projects like The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, not to mention a former Industrial Lights & Magic guy (read: Star Wars) working out the details on an "amazing space battle."

"...there's a bigger team, a team that has had the final cinematic script for much longer, and now has access to vastly more tools, resources and technology than ever before. These range from new tools for rigging facial animation, to better lighting and camera controls. Most of the improvements are a solid blend of technology and manpower this time around, and we hope the fruits of that labor end up as succulent as they look now."

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