Sunday, July 29, 2007

Halo 2

A library in Mount Prospect, Illinois launched a Halo 2 event to attract more children, but controversy has followed in the wake of the decision.
The game bears an "M for Mature" rating, delivered by the industry's own ESRB. In light of the rating, the library has asked participating youth to bring permission slips signed by their parents.

That move has not appeased David Walsh of the National Institute on Media and the Family, which is based in Minnesota. "I think it borders on irresponsibility to sponsor an activity for kids as young as 12 that the industry itself has said is for adults," he said.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jasman Toys Halo 3

Jasman Toys introduces its line of Halo 3 Covenant Weapons with Laser Pursuit technology! Bring all the action of the popular video game to life with these full-size replica weapons that perform just like the ones in the game: vibration, sounds, lights and recoil, all packaged into heavy metal and plastic bodies. These realistic weapons even offer the most intricate features; when the Plasma Rifle “overheats,” the heat exchange flanges pop
open! An infrared beam and target register hits on an LCD counter, allowing you to recreate the game with friends; capture the flag, team battle, free-for-all… the possibilities are endless! Find out who has what it takes to be Master Chief.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gameplay mechanics of Halo 3

High-resolution, parallax textures? H’m, certainly didn’t look like it back then. But there’s no doubt that Bungie has toiled away at refining both the look and gameplay mechanics of Halo 3. As you’ll quite clearly see in the screenshots below, the game has come a long way from its not-so-humble beginnings on the original big black box.
But this game isn’t just about the graphics. While the [visuals] may have been the driving force behind Halo 2, there’s some fun-sounding gameplay features included with this final outing in the Halo trilogy: More vehicles, more damage effects, more enemies, more hijacking, new weapons, bigger maps, and more interactivity are just some of the things that will be in the final cut.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Brute shot Halo 3

Everything has constantly gone through a little bit of flex. Probably the biggest change will be the Brute shot which is up to six rounds in the clip now, and it fires a little more directly. It does not have as much gravity in the projectile making it a little easier to use. It will bounce on extreme angles but most of the time doesn't.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New maps Epitaph, Shrine and Last Resort Halo 3

Three new maps were revealed during IGN's visit: Epitaph, Shrine and Last Resort. Epitaph, a gothic Forerunner structure in the shape of a temple, is designed for close-quarters combat, shoving Spartans into thin, dimly-lit corridors. Two man-cannons on opposite ends of the cathedral propel players across the map toward an energy sword hovering on a gravity lift in the arena's center.
Last Resort is a re-imagining of the Halo 2 standby Zanzibar. Additions include a second fortress entrance for vehicles that is blocked by a cement wall which can be unlocked with its own control panel inside the structure. The walkways extending in the air have become more complex and are lined with broken guardrails.
Finally, Shrine is a barren desert peppered with aging Forerunner structures. The largest map to date, Shrine is the length of Valhalla, but four times its width. A variety of special effects (heatwaves, sand dust and shadows) make the visual upgrades from the previous game significantly more noticeable.
A new vehicle with Brute roots rolled onto the scene. The Brute Chopper is part Harley and another part Forerunner hovercraft, boosting across maps with a battering ram for a front wheel. Other arsenal capabilities include twin-mounted cannons that shoot ammunition resembling the Brute Spiker guns.
A new piece of equipment called the Jammer disrupts everyone's radar upon deployment. Red dots of activity will sporadically appear and leave lingering effects for those in its vicinity when it detonates.

Gears Clan

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Halo 3 will hit Japanese stores

Halo 3 will hit Japanese stores on September 27 - the day after UK gamers get their Master Chief fix.