Friday, August 31, 2007

Halo 3 Ready for Release

Halo 3 the last game in Bungie's Xbox-exclusive trilogy, has gone gold. No more updates, tweaks or spit-shining...the game is complete and headed to manufacturing.
Halo 3 will complete the narrative of Master Chief as he tries to save humanity -- and the galaxy -- from the Covenant's religious zealots and the Flood's zombie-like Borgness. Oh, and Halo 3 will finally bring online co-op to the Halo universe, as it will support four-player online co-op play.

Halo 3 will ship for Xbox 360 on September 25.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

“Halo 2″ World Champion

GameStop Corp. today announced that it will offer “Halo 2″ fans in the U.S. the chance to test their skills online against gamers from all corners of the globe in association with Xbox™ Live. The U.S. competitions will kick off during the week of May 2nd. The GameStop sponsored U.S. National Champion will play online in the worldwide finals during the month of June, culminating with the naming of the first ever Xbox Live “Halo 2″ World Champion.

To determine the U.S. National Champion, contestants from throughout the U.S. will compete against each other until a National Champion is chosen. The winner from this competition will be decided by a double elimination ladder. The World Finalists will consist of winners from Xbox Live’s 24 countries and will vie online for the honor of being named Xbox Live “Halo 2″ World Champion.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Xbox 360s Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance tracks consoles sold to consumers, and not to retailers and other outlets. While the number of Xbox 360s shipped since the console's release in November 2005 maybe slightly higher than Wii shipments, which started in November 2006, more of the latter consoles have actually made to the hands of consumers. Shortages of Wiis remain in most regions around the world, and units are typically sold shortly after they become available, said.
On a regional basis, far more Wiis than Xbox 360s were sold in Japan, 3.46 million versus 430,000, respectively. Retailers sold more Xbox 360s than Wiis in other countries. The Xbox 360 dominated the Americas, including South America, United States and Canada, with 6.75 million Xbox units sold versus 4.24 million Wiis.
Meanwhile, The NPD Group said Nintendo shipped 425,000 Wiis in July, while Microsoft shipped 170,000 Xbox 360s, and Sony 159,000 PS 3. From January through July, sales of all consoles reached $2.72 billion, nearly 72 % more than the same period a year ago. Other players included in the numbers were the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Xbox 360 console

Microsoft moved to lower the price of its Xbox 360 console in Europe on Monday, about two weeks after it made a similar move in the United States and Canada. In EU countries, the price of the high-end console drops by 50 euros to 349.99 euros ($470 USD), while the Core model drops 20 euros to 279.99 euros ($378 USD). In addition, the Xbox 360 Elite will premiere at a price of 449.99 euros on August 24.

The price cuts are intended to fend off stronger than anticipated competition from Nintendo and its Wii, which have been selling at a torrid pace since its release last November. Additionally, Microsoft is hoping a cheaper price will help it to expand its core fan base, which primarily consists of younger men. Analysts say that much of the Wii's success can be explained by its appeal to a much wider consumer base

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Halo 3 Epsilon

Halo 3 is winding down. While there’s still a considerable amount of dudes here on site, playing through the game, testing the game, filing bugs and fixing bugs, the game is roughly 99.9% complete. That last .1% percent is pretty important, however. Right now, some testing is being done in a controlled retail environment via our Halo 3 Epsilon. You’ve probably seen reports online or even folks on your friends’ list playing it, so here’s the scoop:
The Epsilon is a closed, final phase testing for Halo 3. We won’t be making the Epsilon available for public consumption, so while that’s immensely disappointing for folks hoping that Friends and Family invites would be extended for the Epsilon, just know that each day you wait in agony is another day closer to September 25.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Halo 2's 125 million

Variety report the 155 million USD target, which would beat Halo 2's 125 million USD, and even surpass the largest opening film gross delivered by Spider-Man 3, the current record holder. "We did $125 million last time," Microsoft director of creative marketing Chris Di Cesare told Variety magazine. "We're confident we can do better."
Given the higher retail price of the Collectors Edition and the Legendary Edition and the hype already surrounding the third in the series it becomes apparent that sales figures don't even need to pass Halo 2's for Microsoft to take the record, with the game looking like a sure-fire blockbuster.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Xbox 360 Premium

The Xbox 360 Premium SKU ranked as the No. 1 seller at this week following a price cut of $50 on the model. The discount helped boost sales by 700 percent by Fri.
Sales for Microsoft's Xbox 360 fell back in Japan in the latest retail data for the region. It ranks as the No. 6 best-selling video game hardware in Japan.
Microsoft this week said that more than 1 million copies of Halo 3 have been pre-sold to consumers. The sci-fi sequel will be released on Sept. 25 in the U.S.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Halo 3 incendiary grenade

Halo 3, and that the game will also feature an incendiary grenade of some type. Bungie confirmed that the flamethrower will:
Fire approximately nine three-second bursts of napalm.
Have a range of about 44 feet.
Deal out damage over time. Meaning that if you get flamed, your health will go down gradually as you stay on fire (no word if anything can put it out)
Torch bubble shields. You’ll be OK if you stay inside (will walking through it set you on fire?)
Be able to set vehicles on fire
Be a turret-based weapon, meaning you'll move to a third-person view when you use it.
It will be a new grenade type known as the firebomb, and will compliment the flamethrower by using a similar type of liquid fire which will light the ground around where it is deployed ablaze. Players can use this feature to their advantage by creating small walls of flames that can block incoming enemies from walking through without taking damage.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles

It seems likely that once Halo 3 is released, it will swiftly become the king of 360 Live mountain, but does that mean Halo 2 will slip in the Xbox listings? Just about everyone I know is extremely excited about Bomberman, so that'll probably stay at number one for a few weeks, at least. Keep reading for the full Top Ten for 360, Xbox, and Arcade.
Xbox 360 Top Live Titles
1 Gears of War
2 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
3 Guitar Hero II
4 Forza Motorsport 2
5 Call Of Duty 3
6 Bomberman LIVE
7 Oblivion
8 NCAA 08
9 GRAW 2
10 Saints Row

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Halo 3 four players

Bungie confirmed what many had hoped would be included into the upcoming release of Halo 3. Up to four players will be able to play through the campaign mode together both online and via local play (limited to 2 players). One player will control the Master Chief, another the Arbiter, while the remaining players will take control of two brand new Elite characters. Bungie states that each will have identical characteristics (besides starting weapons; Carbines for the Elites in some missions, not the Battle Rifle like Chief). Below is the official screen shot showcasing the playable characters in campaign.Gamers Online.