Friday, August 10, 2007

Halo 3 incendiary grenade

Halo 3, and that the game will also feature an incendiary grenade of some type. Bungie confirmed that the flamethrower will:
Fire approximately nine three-second bursts of napalm.
Have a range of about 44 feet.
Deal out damage over time. Meaning that if you get flamed, your health will go down gradually as you stay on fire (no word if anything can put it out)
Torch bubble shields. You’ll be OK if you stay inside (will walking through it set you on fire?)
Be able to set vehicles on fire
Be a turret-based weapon, meaning you'll move to a third-person view when you use it.
It will be a new grenade type known as the firebomb, and will compliment the flamethrower by using a similar type of liquid fire which will light the ground around where it is deployed ablaze. Players can use this feature to their advantage by creating small walls of flames that can block incoming enemies from walking through without taking damage.

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