Sunday, August 26, 2007

Xbox 360s Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance tracks consoles sold to consumers, and not to retailers and other outlets. While the number of Xbox 360s shipped since the console's release in November 2005 maybe slightly higher than Wii shipments, which started in November 2006, more of the latter consoles have actually made to the hands of consumers. Shortages of Wiis remain in most regions around the world, and units are typically sold shortly after they become available, said.
On a regional basis, far more Wiis than Xbox 360s were sold in Japan, 3.46 million versus 430,000, respectively. Retailers sold more Xbox 360s than Wiis in other countries. The Xbox 360 dominated the Americas, including South America, United States and Canada, with 6.75 million Xbox units sold versus 4.24 million Wiis.
Meanwhile, The NPD Group said Nintendo shipped 425,000 Wiis in July, while Microsoft shipped 170,000 Xbox 360s, and Sony 159,000 PS 3. From January through July, sales of all consoles reached $2.72 billion, nearly 72 % more than the same period a year ago. Other players included in the numbers were the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance.

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