Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Killer XBox 360 Rrod Fix & Case Mods

Killer XBox 360 Rrod Fix & Case Mods.I've worked as an engineer for the past 17 years working with all kinds of computer and electronic equipment
As an engineer, and someone who is fascinated by technology in general, the original XBOX, and now the XBOX 360 have been an absolute dream come true for me.Detailed video instructions, from opening the case to what kind of paint to use and everything in between. (Use the wrong paint, and you're XBOX could end up looking like a rusty car with a bad spray paint job.)
The potential for modding is truly only limited by your imagination... I've modded dozens of XBOX 360's for myself and for friends And as dorky as it sounds, it's a very cool thing to know how to do...
Killer XBox !

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