Thursday, November 08, 2012

bundles discounted in Best Buy's

PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS and PS Vita bundles discounted in Best Buy's Black Friday ad
 Best Buy beat out the Black Friday ad leaks by releasing a preview of all
 the post-Thanksgiving deals it is running for 2012. Expect to find
 discounts on Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita bundle plus games for
 the various systems.Black Ops 2 features YouTube live streaming on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,
 Activision and Treyarch announced today. The game's built-in live streaming
 was revealed earlier this year, but we know now it's tied to YouTube My Hot Electronics is offering deals on various Xbox
 360 and Playstation 3 games, special edition consoles and many accessories
 priced as low as 1 cent.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 Available for Preorder at ... The game will be available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and
the upcoming Nintendo Wii U. The release date is set for October 30. The
game for the Wii U has not been announced for a release date. Xbox and PlayStation are by far the most popular gaming systems in the world, because both Microsoft and Sony continue to produce new versions of its systems every few years

Friday, August 31, 2012

Xbox news

Rumors regarding the impending arrival of two highly- anticipated next-gen gaming consoles - Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 - have created quite a stir on the web. Latest reports suggest that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed that their studio has next-gen projects under development, which will be announced in the near future.
There's increased rumblings that both Microsoft and Sony might be ready to
launch new video game systems in 2013. And that Nintendo's Wii U might be
hitting stores Nov. 18. "Madden NFL 13" (for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, $59.95) swapped out
the booth announcers, switched to a more classic presentation, overhauled
the menu system and crafted a comprehensive Connected Career mode.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gamers News

DICE Quadruples Official Battlefield 3 Servers For Xbox 360, PS3
GamerFront If you've been upset about the lack of official servers when playing
Battlefield 3 on your Xbox 360 or PS3, then you'll be happy to hear that
DICE has been listening. Over the weekend the company announced that they
would be adding more servers Is Grand Theft Auto V Being Delayed Until Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 Release?
Tapscape In fact, it might do Rockstar some good to come up with a deal with either
Sony or Microsoft and Grand Theft Auto V could end up being a launch title
for either the Xbox 720 or the Playstation 4
Heads up Max Payne 3 gamers, if you play the game on your console like the
Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3, you might be interested to learn that a new
Title Update is now live for both consoles.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Microsoft Windows

   In terms of performance there's not a huge difference between the two servers. Linux reportedly performs faster because Windows attempts to offer an 'all in one' package instead of the extendable Linux implementation. You'll generally not notice a difference but if performance is of utmost importance to you then maybe this will influence your decision. The Most Useful Linux Tutorial and Reference, with Hundreds of High-Quality Examples for Every Distribution–Now Covers OS X and Perl, Too
Linux, iPad

Monday, April 23, 2012

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and Wii U will fail to match the sales of their immediate predecessors, analyst Piper Jaffray believes.
In fact, analysts Michael J. Olson and Andrew D. Connor believe that between them the three machines will see an average software sales decline of 53 per cent compared to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii throughout their first 14 months. I don't believe that .

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sony's PlayStation 3 and Amazon are teaming up

Sony's PlayStation 3 and Amazon are teaming up to take on Microsoft's Xbox

360 for the top spot. Amazon Instant Video is now available for PlayStation
3 users, becoming the first of its kind to offer film and TV rental
services through a gaming console Starting with Nintendo's Wii U, the console plans to differentiate itself
from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 with a touchpad controller. The motion
sensor controller boasts a 6.2 inch touchscreen accompanied with thumbs
joysticks, four buttons Nintendo has responded to recent rumors claiming the Wii U is not as
powerful as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in terms of graphics power.
Without directly confirming or denying the allegations, which came from two
separate industry sources

Monday, April 02, 2012

PlayStation 4

Sony is aiming to release PlayStation 4 before
Xbox 720 next Christmas, and that certain developers have been invited to

reveal meetings in the US in May and June. “Sony are completely in the
belief that they have the jump on them.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

PlayStation 3 160GB

With the PlayStation 3 160GB system, you get free PlayStation Network membership, built-in Wi-Fi and 160GB of hard disk drive storage for games, music, videos and photos. This system will come with firmware 3.6 or greater. You can easily upgrade to the latest firmware for free, simply by connecting the PS3 to the internet. And every PS3 system comes with a built-in Blu-ray player to give you pristine picture quality and the best high-definition viewing experience available. Whether it’s gaming, Blu-ray movies, music or online services, experience it all with the PlayStation 3 system. All PlayStation 3 systems are already equipped with everything you need to play stereoscopic 3D games.
Playstation Games Console