Friday, January 18, 2013

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4

According to a report from IGN yesterday, a few former AMD executives allegedly took major documents regarding the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 with them as they left the company and joined up with rival Nvidia.
AMD's lawsuit against the four former employees alleges they "absconded with thousands of confidential documents, including sensitive information about technologies at use in next-gen consoles."
 Sources have revealed that the PlayStation 4 will feature a custom silicon based on AMD's A8-series APU and HD 7670 GPU, while the Xbox 720 will combine an IBM PowerPC CPU and a custom version of AMD's 6670 GPU.
 One of the targets in the lawsuit is former VP of AMD's Strategic Division, Robert Feldstein, who helped develop custom hardware for current generation gaming systems.
AMD has been saying that he and some other people transferred around 100,000 files, which contain trade secrets concerning development.
All of that is based on "forensically-recovered data," which suggests the executive used external storage devices on his computer prior to leaving the company.

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