Monday, January 28, 2013

Xbox LIVE Gold membership

With an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, take your Xbox 360 online to play Kinect and controller games with friends wherever they are. Instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports, and with Kinect, your voice is the remote control. Not sure what to play or watch? Quickly find new movies, songs or games with your voice. Even use your phone or tablet as a second screen to control and interact with what you’re watching. Plus, now you can explore the web on your TV with Internet Explorer for Xbox.* Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox.Xbox LIVE is where your friends are playing Call of Duty, Halo, and other online multiplayer games1. With your voice you can quickly find things to watch and play. Even use your phone and tablet to add an extra layer of control for an enhanced experience with your console games. Plus, explore the web easily with Internet Explorer for Xbox on your biggest screen.Accordng to reports, both the companiesare ready to release a pair of new video game consoles later this year.Microsoft’s new Xbox will be called XBox 720 while Sony is bringing out its Playstation 4.There are very dew details about the new specficiations as company officials are very tight-lipped about it. CS Minotr said that there is likely to be a augmented reality on the XBox while Playstation will have a biometric sensor on its controller.
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