Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PlayStation Vita

While the entire gaming media is eagerly anticipating a predicted announcement about a forthcoming PS4 at tomorrow's PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony (NYSE:SNE) has already dropped some pretty big news concerning its handheld console the PlayStation Vita. Yesterday, Sony announced that on February 28 the price of the Vita will drop to 19,980 yen in Japan from its current price of 24,980 yen. Sony has yet to confirm whether a similar price drop will occur in America, but if it does, the handheld will likely go for $200, down from its current price of $250.The price cut is intentioned to boost the sales of the Vita, which have been sluggish since the Vita's launch last year. Sony is following the example of its rival company Nintendo (PINK:NTDOY), whose 3DS system performed poorly after its release, but later became one of its most profitable products after a substantial price cut.

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