Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Xbox One

Neither the Xbox One nor the PlayStation 4 are backwards compatible with their immediate predecessors, which means not only can you not put in an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 disc and expect them to work but you can’t even download versions of the same games.
Sony has promised that in the future it will offer PlayStation 3 games via its Gaikai cloud streaming service, but when and how this will work remains unclear.According to Microsoft’s Albert Penello though the Xbox One doesn’t even have that vague hope. Although he couched his comments in a manner to imply that Gaikai wouldn’t work on PlayStation 4 either The PlayStation 4 is going to be released with a sale price of $399 while Microsoft is charging $499 for the Xbox One. In the past Sony has usually priced preceding consoles too high and this has been a mistake. The corporation is making sure not to do this again. The Xbox One will have a Kinect controller included, but pushing this as worth the extra cost is probably not the greatest of ideas.

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