Thursday, March 31, 2016

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy fans rejoice - Square Enix has released a demo for this summer's Final Fantasy 15 (FFXV), and it's available now from the PlayStation ,Not many analysts expected to see a major new console released in 2016, but it seems that the Sony PlayStation 4.5 is inching ever closer to reality.Voodoo-infused rogue-like role-playing game "Full Mojo Rampage" will be hitting consoles soon. If you're on PlayStation 3, the DLC will be available on April 5 for $14.99, but unfortunately, there's not even a whisper of the Xbox 360 Xbox One's summer update has three big features, including turning all  the next large system update would turn all Xbox Ones into developer kits. ... PlayStation 4 already has this by way of Spotify,

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